What is in a Mission Statement?
Mission statements clearly spell out why a company is in business - right? Not necessarily. More often than not, a mission statement tells you how a company wants to be perceived in the marketplace. Since much of business is about perception, what really matters are the values of the people who created the mission statement and attempt to make it a daily reality.
                    At meta4 Technology we believe values drive the primary focus of a company and the way success is defined. Perhaps you have worked with (or for) a company which only strives after dollars and image. You may recall that the primary focus was directed inward - How many awards have we won? Who has not yet had the pleasure of working with us?
Yuck. What happened to the customer? Not to mention the needs of the employees?
           For Our Customers
We believe our first responsibility is to our customer. We constantly strive to be honest and forthright in all of our recommendations, even if we must turn away potential income to do so. We strive to treat each customer with the same level of respect we have for the members of our own staff.
                      We recognize the power of the right type of chemistry between ourselves and our customers. We know, as with any relationship, it takes trust, honesty and mutual respect for continued growth and success to occur. We make sure this type of relationship can exist before developing a partnership with our customers and decline opportunities where we simply do not mesh.
For Our Employees
For each employee, we are committed to their personal and professional development. We do this by encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit to explore opportunities whenever they present themselves. We want each employee to recognize and experience the benefits of working to live NOT living to work.

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