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Decision support solutions are created to help corporations measure and evaluate performance to gain insight into how to improve efficiency and discover hidden opportunities in the marketplace.

Most decision support tools can handle simple queries and reporting, but tend to fall short in producing the types of statistics and ratios needed to do powerful analysis. This is why meta4 Technology believes solid decision support solutions:

                    MUST transform data to facilitate analysis NOT be drawn directly from operational data

MUST be dynamic based on user's needs NOT static reporting

MUST allow temporal analysis over slowly changing dimensions (SCD)

MUST be easily customized by user NOT for analysts only

meta4 Decision Support Toolbox™
As with all of our products and services, we are committed to developing solutions which are based on standard, open technologies such as NT, SQL server and powerful, easy-to-use interfaces. We have done the research and development to find the tools which fit the criteria mentioned above without tremendous capital investment.

We realize that no tool is right for every situation, so we represent and know a broad range of the industry's best tools. This is why we created the meta4 Decision Support Toolbox.™

           Whether you already have a data warehouse, data mart or are starting from scratch, we can help you achieve your data analysis goals. The meta4 Decision Support Toolbox™ is filled with powerful decision support tools allowing us to solve your individual data analysis needs. We will work with your team to architect and implement the solution that fits and provide the training and on-going support you need to keep it performing at optimum levels. We will help you through the installation and transfer our knowledge of the product to your users after the system is completed.

So, if you are ready to unleash the knowledge trapped inside your information and satisfy the demand of your end user community for reliable information access, let us help you.

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