Data You Can Trust
Designed specifically for today's retailers, meta4 Stores™ enables you to receive and create critical price and production data in real time, from anywhere on the floor, in any store, chain-wide.

meta4 Stores™ gives you a powerful in-store solution enabling you to:

• Receive against live purchase orders
• Transfer product from store stock with accurate count and item identification
• Create shipping documents automatically by scanning RTV (Return-to-Vendor) UPCs
• Verify bar code and Price Look-up (PLU) data by scanning receipts or spot checking store shelves
• Print price tags or shelf labels right on the floor
• Enter physical inventory and cycle counts.

                    Helping You Stay Competitive
Meta4 Stores™ lets you discover the power and potential of UPC. With all of your stores communicating the same way, you can easily automate many labor-intensive activities, eliminating human error, improving data accuracy, and freeing people for more productive work.

As your chain spreads geographically, meta4 Stores™ keeps you abreast of what is happening, while empowering each store manager to compete and react locally. For the first time, you can run your chain with the knowledge and confidence that you are deciding critical issues based on more timely and accurate data.

Discover the Power of Mobility
There is no need for your employees to be chained to a fixed PC terminal. With Meta4 Stores™ they can do item re-ticketing at the shelf, check any price for any item, find our order status, verify incoming orders from anywhere in the store.

Meta4 Stores™ streamlines the communication between your stores and headquarters. Advanced hardware includes an integrated Telxon® Radio Frequency (RF) micro-computer which combines keypad, laser bar code scanner, and RF transmitter in a single, hand-held device.

           Host System Flexibility
Loading to and from the store's back office or your company's host is quick and easy. Meta4 Stores,™ designed to run on SCO Unix or Windows NT, can integrate with many different host systems including SAP R/3 and Sterling Software SFR®.

So if you are ready to put the power of real-time data to work for your retail operation, contact us – TODAY. See why PETsMART, Modell Sporting Goods and many others already have.

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