Extend your Technical Resources Further
Meta4 Technology can also help you accomplish your special project goals by becoming an extension of your IT group or special project team. With over 20 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of standards-based technologies, we are uniquely qualified to design your custom applications.
                    Standards-based Technology Development
Standards-based technologies refers to any end-user application which is based on universally excepted technologies such as HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP, HTML, XML, SSL, OBDC, and/or OBI. Applying these technologies versus proprietary tools allows us to easily separate the development environment from the deployment environment. By doing so, we can create open, scaleable solutions for many of the business information challenges you face, regardless if it is intended for your LAN/WAN/VAN, Internet site, Intranet or Extranet.

Meta4 Technology spends a great deal of time conducting in-depth R&D into many emerging technologies so we can help our clients quickly and easily shift through the development options. This knowledge gives us the ability to ask the critical questions early in the development process to ensure the best approach is taken and that project goals will be met or exceeded.

Custom Applications
Meta4 Technology is well-versed in many languages and in designing complex systems. We can help you design and implement software for use throughout your organization. Whether it is a custom application for your sales force or an on-line customer service system, meta4 Technology help you increase profitability, reduce costs and expand your marketing prowess by delivering solid products on time and on budget.

           Full List of Capabilities:

Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, COBOL, SQL, Delphi, Java, Java Script, ASP, telephony, and HTML

SQL Server, Oracle, and Access

Windows NT, Windows 95, UNIX, client/server, and VAX

We would be happy to share Internet, Intranet or custom application case studies with you. To discuss you special project needs, contact us.

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