Tom has been developing software for over four years. As Director of Implementation, Tom is responsible for ensuring all projects are implemented according to specification and that clients expectations are met or exceeded.
                    Tom is well versed in many languages including Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, COBOL, SQL, Delphi, Java, Java Script, ASP, and HTML. Coupled with his knowledge of environments such as UNIX, NT and Windows, he is well equipped to match client objectives with the right technologies.
His knowledge has been instrumental in the development of in-store systems, interface design, database development, and Internet applications. Toms attention to detail and ability to solve complex problems enables him to successfully develop technologies from an end-users perspective – a skill which is invaluable in any industry.
           I think customers value someone who will look at a problem from all angles so that the resulting solution is right for the entire user community. I think about this throughout the course of development to ensure our customers get a product that performs at optimal levels in many different types of situations.
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